First SCADA Hot Standby Redundancy in „Pure Web“

With the implementation of the world’s first hot standby redundancy we underline our leadership in SCADA systems that visualize in pure web technology. Many freedoms in the system architecture and the parametration possibilities complete the overall picture of „failure safety“.

Consistently redundant – data sources, networks, atvise scada, browser visualisation

Decades of experience of our development team in regards to failure safe SCADA systems are consitently reflected in the implentation of our atvise® scada redundancy. Here this is a brief excerpt of the redundancy features:

  • Automatic adjustment of online/historical data, both during operation of the two synchronously running atvise server instances, as well as after a failure.
  • Switching on the fly without data loss.
  • There are following options available: Switch-Over (with Server preferred position or manually) and Fail-Over (Server unreachable or vital status insufficient).
  • Adaption of the behaviour on vital status tables, which monitor the condition of the atvise scada servers and all network connections for redundancy and possibly obtain a failover of the server.
  • Support of a server split operation, which ensures a switching on a standalone server during operation. To establish the complete synchrony after a restart, a complete alignment of the again redundant server takes place.
  • Online parameterization of the redundant system with the atvise builder.
  • The system supports redundant communication with the redundant data sources (via OPC UA and OPC COM), and between the atvise servers and visualization.
  • The visualization of the redundant system takes place, just like any atvise products, in pure web technology. Here, the atvise redundancy supports for specific browsers and platforms a seamless operation with two servers based on standards.

Further technical information can be found in the release notes as well as in the „readme“ of the installed atvise Version 3.0.0.

redundanz variante


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